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Liber is a student-run online publication which aims to bring the languages, literature, culture, and history of classical antiquity into the current lives of Exonians and beyond. The Latin words liber and līber, homographs, mean “book” (noun) and “free” (adjective) respectively. As its name denotes, Liber is a book published twice a year in April and October that consists of the free expressions of our ideas, opinions, and feelings in English, Latin, or Ancient Greek. Each issue centers on a specific theme meaningful to both those who lived two thousand years ago and us today. Under this overarching theme, our articles cover a wide range of topics: Archaeology, History, Literature, Beyond Classics, and Exonians. Through Liber, we hope to revive and relive the aesthetic, intellectual, and spiritual heritage of classical antiquity as well as advance our insights into the classical world and its indelible imprint on our world today.

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding Liber, please contact liberexeter@gmail.com.

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