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Exonians explore the classical world not only through reading Ancient Greek and Latin texts around the Harkness table but also through engaging in a variety of activities and events. 


by Lyle Seeligson '17

Amicitiae nostrae memoriam spero sempiternam fore. Scrolling through my Instagram feed on the bus home from the Harvard-Yale game in New Haven, Connecticut, I came across a photo with this caption underneath. The picture features me and three. . .

Twelve Latin students squish around a circular table in the right wing of Wetherell Dining Hall. “You guys need to tell me when Charlie comes,” says Calvin Henaku, a Triumvir, or club head, for Kirtland Society, known as Phillips Exeter’s Latin Club. “I need. . .

I began my Classics career with the California Junior Classical League (CAJCL) chapter at my middle school, where the student body predominantly undervalued the Latin club. To counteract the social embarrassment of participating in. . .