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Literature: Plays

Theater was a major part of the lives of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Tragedies and comedies written by famous classical playwrights, such as Euripides, Sophocles, Aristophanes, and Plautus, are enjoyable even to a modern audience.

Euripides’s (480-406 BC) Orestes follows his play Electra. These plays both tell the story of Orestes, whose claim to fame is his vengeful matricide after his mother Clytemnestra murders his father Agamemnon.  Electra tells this story of revenge.... 

(Cave Spoeleres!/Beware Spoilers!) 
“Laudo, malum cum amici tuom ducis malum. Nunc habe bonum animum.” - Hegiō 
“I commend you, in that you consider the affliction of your friend your own affliction. Now be of good heart. . .